HOW DO you Farm when your top soil has washed away ?

Deforestation is the reason why the rural population of Haiti relocated to the streets of Port au Prince. With no trees left to hold the soil, the once rich farm land washed away with seasonal rains, and there was nothing left to farm. This death of agriculture caused the exodus into Port au Prince.

mock Earth Box can grow nutritious food anywhere

Bringing Agriculture back to rural Haiti can be the carrot which draws people out of the crowded streets of Port au Prince and the tent cities they have lived since the earthquake. Back to the countryside where a better life can be achieved.

With innovative 21st century agriculture methods, rural Haiti can achieve 100% sustainability quickly.

Sustainable Agriculture programs have proven extremely successful in undeveloped areas around the world and can be the ideal answer to the food shortage problems that have plagued Haiti for decades. We can implement solutions to sustain communities with fresh nutritious vegetables.

Earth Box-AmeriHand

The backbone of our agriculture plan will be the EarthBox. The EarthBox is a perfect solution to Haiti's unique agricultural problems. It addresses the major cause of their agriculture distress, soil erosion and degradation.

The EarthBox is a game changer... it gives quick access to the production of highly nutritious vegetables and offers solutions to malnutrition, income-generation and environmental degradation.

Each EarthBox literally represents the creation of 1/3m² of the most fertile, most productive land possible;

The EarthBox can be installed virtually anywhere – urban or rural – with a minimum of training and essentially no operating costs.

The best growing medium for the earthbox is cocoa peat. A by product of coconut production and vastly abundant on the island of Hispaniola where we operate.

Amerihand Earth Box Amerihand Haiti Agriculture

EarthBox Facts:

  • Water consumption reduced by 60-80%;
  • Fertilizer use reduced by 50%;
  • No run-off and ground-water contamination;
  • Labor reduced by 60%;
  • Agronomic concerns re: location, cost of fertile land, pest control and environmental impact are no longer valid;
  • Issues of soil fertility, prior land-use are irrelevant;
  • Costs of transport/access to market reduced to a minimum, increased freshness and nutritional benefits;
  • Organic certification can be obtained during the FIRST cropping cycle;
  • Training / installation / operations are simple and immediate.
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    EarthBox Advantages

    • • Install anywhere: patios, backyards, doorsteps.
    • • Minimal space required.
    • • Highly flexible: individual households or in multiple/commercial-scale usage.
    • • No need to / rent / purchase expensive, highly fertile land.
    • • Ideal for both urban and rural settings.
    • • Grow vegetables in non-traditional areas .
    • • Achieve high yields directly adjacent at the marketplace.
    • • Eliminate most transport/storage costs.
    • • No water or fertilizer run-off.
    • • No contamination / no negative environmental impact.
    • • No soil impact, erosion, toxicity.
    • • Reduced carbon footprint through savings on inputs (fertilizer) and vastly reduced transport/machinery use.
    • • Minimal water required – 60% to 80% less than in-ground plants
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