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Any amount is appreciated. $5, or $10 is a huge help. A small donation makes a big difference.

Make a $250+ donation, and you have the option to place your name on our donor Wall of Fame..


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Donations are processed using state of the art encryption and security. There is zero possibility of a data breach. No credit card information is ever stored on AmeriHand computers.

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Donate a MOSQUITO NET and MOSQUITO Repellent


EarthboxHelp provide protection to pregnant women and children from the Zika virus, Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria and other mosquito transmitted disease.

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Donate an EARTHBOX and seeds


EarthboxHelp provide essential tools needed to kick start desperately needed sustainable agriculture in Haiti

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Donate to the General Fund$5 - 250

NurseWe will use your generous donation where it is the most urgently needed.

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Make a MONTHLY recurring donation to help the less fortunate ... $15 per month$15

sick child dominicanProvide a recurring monthly gift to help provide the basic necessities of life to the least fortunate and most vulnerable among us.

Donate a Lifestraw single$42

Life StrawAllows one person point of consumption safe drinking water to protect them from cholera and other waterborne disease for a full year.

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donate a lifestraw family$74

Life StrawLifeStraw Family filters 18,000 liters* of water, enough to supply a family of five safe, clean drinking water for three years, removing the need for repeat intervention .

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DONATE medical supplies to treat one cholera victim$30

Cholera victimHelp provide rehydration kits, IVs and rehydration solution to treat a cholera victim. As well as educational materials to stop the spread of cholera.

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buy poor children a pair of shoes $14 - 28

shoeless poor kidsPrevent infection, disease and help poor kids attend school. Children can't attend school without shoes in many developing countries.

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Help Provide a solar oven$75

solar ovenProvide a green alternative to charcoal and helps to stop reckless deforestation and carbon emissions.

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Donate a hand operated PRESS to make green bio Mass CHARCOAL


bio pressHelp us provide a hand operated charcoal press to make green eco-friendly BIO MASS CHARCOAL and help end reckless deforestation

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Provide medical supplies so our doctors can continue to treat the poor free of charge$30

sick child dominicanHelp provide medical treatment and medicine to the rural poor who have no access to quality health care.

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Donate a Mango Tree$55

solar ovenProvides an abundant source of food and a step forward on the road back from deforestation, soil erosion and deadly mud slides. .

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designate Amerihand as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate to Amerihand on your behalf.

You shop --- Amazon donates

Purchases on "Amazon Smile" result in Amazon donating a half percent to AmeriHand with no cost to you. The same exact products and selection with a charitable twist

Frequent Questions

Can I donate more than once?

Yes. You can also make a small recurring donation that will be deducted every month. Use the PayPal donate button to make a recurring gift.

What is the payment method?

You can use all major credit cards or send a check or money order to the AmeriHand Inc. address on the bottom of this page.

Can I donate as a gift for someone?

Yes. Of course . You can also include a gift in your will to leave behind a legacy of caring.

How can I see status updates?

Add your name to our mailing list and we will send you our monthly newsletter as well as detailed information on the progress of any project.