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    Medical Aid & Poverty Relief
    Your help,
    is their hope.
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    Clean Water & Cholera Prevention
    Help stop needless cholera deaths
    from unsafe water.
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    Food for the most vulnerable
    Sustainable Agriculture,
    on eroded farm land.
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    Free Medical for the rural poor
    Doctors donating ,
    their time and services.
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    Shoes & School Uniform

    No shoes
    No school.
  • Haiti's deforestation crisis
    Save the Trees
    Catastrophic deforestation
    from black market charcoal
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    Medical Aid & Poverty Relief
    Help us give,
    hope for the future.


AmeriHand's mission is to offer sustainable solutions to relieve hunger, disease and environmental degradation in poverty stricken areas of the Caribbean and Central America.

Solutions that don't require costly repeat interventions and investment.

AmeriHand currently has 12 Doctors that donate free medical treatment in Hispaniola. Please help provide the medical supplies they need to treat the most vulnerable.

Volunteer or Donate today                                 A small act makes a big difference

AmeriHand also provides access to safe drinking water and sustainable agriculture to help alleviate water borne disease and pave the road to self reliance and food security.

Featured Program


My First PAIR of SHOES

The look of joy on a kid's face when they put on the very first pair of shoes they have ever owned is something that you'll remember for the rest of you life …more


Donate by shopping at smile.amazon.com and designate AmeriHand as your charity. Amazon donates a half percent to AmeriHand at no cost to you. Same exact Amazon with a charitable twist.


Provide mosquito nets, mosquito repellent to protect pregnant women, children and the elderly from Zika, Dengue Fever and other mosquito transmitted diseases. Please help us before the Zika epidemic grows too large to contain in the Caribbean and Americas. There's no time to waste. ..more

zika mosquito

Every Day, 500 million poor kids go barefoot.

See how this impacts their health and future.
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24 Aug

Sustainable Agriculture

Soil degradation and deforestation are the main reasons why the rural population of Haiti relocated to the streets of Port au Prince. Once the farmland washed away with the seasonal rains, there was nothing left for the farmer in rural Haiti. The death of agriculture caused the exodus into Port au Prince …more

18 Mar

safe water - Cholera Eradication

A cholera epidemic has been confirmed in Haiti. The first cholera outbreak in Haiti in over a 100 years. So far there have been more than 8000 preventable deaths with no end in sight. Cholera is a bacterial infection that causes severe diarrhea / dehydration…more

12 Sep

Ending Haiti's Dependency on Charcoal for cooking

A main source of revenue in rural Haiti is cutting trees for charcoal production—a practice that consumes trees more quickly than they can regenerate. This charcoal dependency has cost the country its forests and soil fertility...…more

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